ShopAdvisor is a deferred purchasing platform and a service.

A fundamental but widely overlooked reality of online and brick-and-mortar shopping is that consumers almost always wait before making a purchase. They wait until they have enough cash on hand. They wait until they can check with a spouse, or ask a friend. They wait until the price drops, or for a particular event later in the year. Or they wait until they can pick it up somewhere convenient when they are on the go.

Visit any magazine or website, and you will see a lot of products – reviews, roundups, eye candy. And along with them, BUY NOW! buttons and a lot of ways to “share.”

There is a wide gap between real life shopping behavior and website options. The ShopAdvisor deferred purchasing platform fills that gap. Our cloud-based service allows any website or application to become a deferred purchasing experience. Readers simply click a “watch button,” and ShopAdvisor reminds of it when the time is right.

The ShopAdvisor executive team is comprised of seasoned veterans with roots in data analytics, cloud computing, ecommerce, mobile platforms, and B2B services.

In 2011, the development team delivered an application for iOS based on the ShopAdvisor deferred purchasing back end platform. The iPhone application received the App Store Rewind Best Utility App of 2011.

What is ShopAdvisor?

ShopAdvisor is a deferred purchasing experience for web, smartphones and tablets.
ShopAdvisor embraces natural shopping behaviors in which consumers first discover a product but may deliberate for days or weeks before they make a purchase.

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